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Order Management 

Order Management

Project management of all assigned order from book to bill

Participates in DRM meeting 
Order acceptance and acknowledgment- issues welcome letter to customer Designs and orders T1 activity to appropriate Vendor 
Update case and manage milestones  T1 test and acceptance with Vendor 
Establish Design Review Meeting (DRM)  Designs & establish soft switch requirements per order 
Orders new DIDs or LNP, tracks for FOC and activation
Responsible for working with customer on work book for provisioning  
Tracks all internal & external tasks and escalates appropriately  
Billing acceptance and notification process to Customer and Billing Dept.  
Close case   
MACD Management MACD Management
Opens a case in CRM tool for MACD order tracking  Performs soft switch MACD order changes 
Change Order acceptance and acknowledgement  Contact customer to validate MAC request as required
Single point of contact for the Customer for all MACD request  Updates case 
Tracks for completion  
Billing acceptance and notification process to Customer and Billing Dept.   
Close case   
Contact PTOP at 703-621-6160 or email 

SUPPORT 24/7/365

LAN/WAN Engineer on call 
Trouble and Inquiry Case Management Performs onsite LAN survery as necessary
Single point of contact for all trouble and inquiry request Responsible for Techincal review of DRM 
Opens cases in CRM system for Support tracking Configures customer hardware for installs, MAC's and repairs
Administrates case and Customer status updates Customer dispatch as necessary 
Escalates (as required) with Tier II Engineering Tier II escalations from Support 
Escalates (as required) with Vendor for timely resolution  Coordinates & Manages 3rd party dispatch Vendors 
Contacts customer for closure acceptance  Performs Pingtone remote and onsite installation 
Close case  
Contact Support at 1-866-746-4435 or email


Responsible for overall Account management
Collaborates with Customer on business solutions
Consults with Customer on technology vendors and services
Communicates Customer's objectives to PTOP, Support & Provisioning
Contact Sales at 1-866-746-4435 or email